ORNATE SHABBY WHITE BUFFET - reveal with a before and after

This buffet has been perched in my back room
for five months longingly looking my way every
time I pass by to use the shower. I had huge plans
for it right from the beginning but the work was
going so slow while other things were also
demanding my attention. The final hurdle was
to refinish the inside, and make it look as good
as the outside.


I found some vintage striped wallpaper in a soft turquoise and I used it on the back panel. To match
 the rest of the cabinet interior with the paper I mixed some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence and 
Pure White and painted away.

Remove your backer board to make it super easy to paint inside and wallpaper the backer.

The middle door seen in the above photo came fixed in place so I ripped it out and made it useable.
Seriously why did they make so many pieces of furniture with fixed panels back in the day?
The underside of the cabinet got beefed up with some lumber so I could install an incredible set of
 legs and get it off the floor. I filled the original hardware holes and installed a set of antique drop pulls.


BEFORE                       AFTER

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