MISFIT HANDLES - shabby chic chest of drawers

One of the many repurposing projects I have
undertaken is finding new ways to use vintage
hardware. Whether I find one lonely handle or
12 ugly ones I collect them until some great
sets can be created. I started using the word
"MISIFT" to describe the unique collection
of hardware when I was listing them in my

This 1930's chest of drawers shows off how MISFIT handle sets can be used.
I used matching pairs for these drawers but you can also use single handles down the middle.
Note there is also a tiny set of knobs on the second drawer.
I have also applied wood appliques on the drawer and the base apron
to change the overall look of the piece.

This dresser is painted in a distressed Annie Sloan White with a waxed finish.

ALSO ...
I have 1000's of pieces of reclaimed hardware, lots of MISFIT sets, and wood
appliques to choose from at firstfinds so stop in and see what you can find.



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