VINTAGE KEY HANGERS - combining wood with white

I find something very appealing about natural
worn wood working next to a fresh white
palette. The old pieces of wood I use for
projects like this are from vintage furniture
that have gone past the point of saving in
there original form. The wood used behind
this painted tree & house key hanger was
the side of a deep filing drawer in a turn of
the century desk almost a half inch thick.

All my frames are second hand finds found at thrift stores. Most of the time I will not go after
frames with usable art in them. I like the lonely discarded bare frames that no one else will buy.
They are perfect for projects like these.

The wood is washed with warm water and soap then let to dry before cutting.

You do have to be comfortable with cutting wood and have some experience with hand
tools to get the different thickness of wood attached to your frames.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own!

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


Til Next Time

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