FRENCH CHAIR with striped fabric

I had this navy blue striped fabric for a while and every time I would look at it I preferred the back
side. It had a great vintage look and when I was ready to upholster this chair I jumped in with both
 feet and went with the under side showing.

When upholstering with a striped fabric you must be a little more cautious and aware of where the
 pattern is laying. Be sure to center the top and bottom, and try to match up the lines on the seat with
  the back. You have to keep your fabric taught but not distort the stripes. It's not hard, you just have
 to keep double checking where things are. 

The frame was a dark mahogany color before I spray painted it in a creamy white mix of ASCP Old
 white & Pure white. The distressing was done with 220 sand paper and finished off with AS clear
 wax applied with a brush. The off white gimp trim has been hot glued into place over the fabric edge and to hide the staples.

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  1. Yu do such a great job with chairs.. Oh how I wish I could reupholster things like that.. another beautiful chair.. Blessings!

  2. Great job on your chair--looks so pretty now



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