In my on going quest to decorate the great outdoors I created a solar chandelier with inexpensive
 solar lights and an old kitchen chandelier. The lights cost $1 each and I put 2 in each of the three
glass shades (total 6).

The solar heads are simply sitting in the frosted glass shades of the chandelier and the light
comes through the glass so nicely at night.

The heads of these lights just pulled apart from the ground stake (as seen below)
This type of solar light is meant to stake in the ground and lite a path or garden but there are so may different ways to use just the lighted head part. Watch at the end of this article for another way I have used these guys in my garden.

For those who don't know, solar lights work fairly simple.
The panel that collects the light is hooked up to a rechargeable battery.
The same kind of rechargeable battery we buy in the department store check-out line up.
Unfortunately solar lights sometimes have a loose wire connection inside. If you have a light that
doesn't work, open it up and test the battery and reconnect any loose wires you might find.

When I have a light that is not turning on or is poorly lit at night I test the batteries in my charger to
 see what's up. If you find a battery that doesn't charge any more you can replace it. It is beneficial for
 some of the more elaborate and expensive solar lights but it's probably easier to replace a cheaper style.
Clean the solar panels to help them work efficiently.
They need direct sunlight to work properly.
The lights can be charged by the sun in one area of your yard
and moved into a not so sunny location for a party later that evening.
Another area where I used these solar light heads was in candle wall scones to light up a walkway

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