YARD SALE SEASON - subway art dressers

Yard sale season is all around us and it's time to gear up to start an amazing furniture project.
Here is another idea I have to get you inspired and thinking about your next treasured find.

Turn a solid wood $20 dresser in to a fun piece of subway art for your home.

To see more on how I created this dresser:


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  1. I must tell you...
    I don't know how NEW this series is...YARD SALE SEASON...but I've been reading it the past few weeks...
    AND. I. LOVE. IT!
    It has sparked some ideas in me for sure. I've not DONE anything with those ideas yet...BUT THERE ARE SPARKS!

  2. Nicely done! Looking forward to getting out from under this blanket of snow and doing a bit of garage sale hunting myself! Cheers.

  3. Nice transformation! Found you via Fab Rehab Creations blog and have been catching up on your posts since!



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