As someone who paints a lot and uses the kitchen sink for washing up, I have to have
something with a little extra scrubbing power handy to tackle the extra mess.
My secret cleaner is simple steel wool and a little warm water.
I do my best to keep the paint mess to a minimum as this is where we live and eat and prepare
food but I'm not PERFECT and paint has a mind of it's own ...

Cleaning a metal sink with steel wool is easy and chemical free. I use to use SOS pads but the blue
soap always gets under my nails and I am not a fan of scrubbing my nails after washing the sink.
This pack of steel wool (above) came from the hardware store. You can pick it up at many different
 places. The lower the number the smoother it is, this GRADE #2 is in a bit coarse.

I let the tap trickle in the sink with a bit of warm water as I scrub the dirt away.
It doesn't take much to get the metal looking brand new in no time.

Steel wool can also remove rust rings off the bottom of the sink.
You don't need to be a painter to use steel wool.


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