The beginning of my week started with rolling an old art deco vanity on a dolly into my work room.
The plan was to take it apart and make a pair of nightstands. I even took some photos of different
angles to show you how I was going to do it, thus this sideways before photo.

I hummed and hawed for a while before committing to the deconstructions because I really liked
the pair of drawers in the middle. It's an unusual characteristic of these pieces.

I had the right size legs to make it tall enough to sit at and I could reused the
wood that was originally on the bottom to make new back legs, so I choose to save it.
Below, you can see the faded area where I stole the wood from to make the back leg.

She's been painted in a creamy white and soft pink. I have a very specific recipe for the pink if you
 want to use it. I started with a quarter can of ASCP Old White, a single drop of Emperor's Silk, and
3 drops of Coco. ASCP are very strongly pigmented especially the red so be cautious.




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  1. Love the transformation! Great job!

  2. Beautiful always! You do some amazing transformations! And thank you for your recipe to make the ASCP pink ;) Have a nice weekend.

  3. Just stunning Kristy, I found it hard to imagine so pretty and feminine before you transformed it!

  4. This is an amazing save! Kristy, only you could put 4 pieces of hardware on an angle and have the whole centre section coming out looking like a parisienne florish! Bravo Madame. And the pink... I don't even care for pink! But somehow, it is perfect!

  5. That turned out out of this world amazing - what vision you have !!!
    I've done molding on an angle like that too ( strangely enough on a pink dresser lol )
    Thanks for that recipe too - I'm saving it - I love the shade of pink you created!

  6. I've followed you for quite some time now...and I rarely leave comments on blogs...but I just wanted you to know that you are a genius when it comes to 'fixing' up items...I'm always amazed at everything you do. Forgive me for being a silent stalker....but I do enjoy everything you post.

  7. what an amazing tradition! I think you ma be a lot more patient than I am. =)

    be blessed

  8. WOW!! That is really cute. :)