I frankensteined a chest of drawers with a little table and created a lovely chest high cabinet. The
 table was a project I did for myself years ago and the drawers were storage in my mudroom for a time.

I turned the 3 drawer chest upside down mounting it to the table, and then added a fourth drawer.

Above you can see the area that use to be the bottom kick plate. I had a lonely single drawer that
 was the perfect fit for the space. Sometimes being a wood furniture hoarder comes in handy.

I used a couple of decorative knobs and lined the new drawer in a red damask wrapping paper.

She's been painted in a distressed creamy white and some amazing handles installed.
I've had these 3 handles for several years waiting for the perfect project.

I used lots of different pieces of molding to trim the cabinet and took photos so
I could write a tutorial on how to hide your finishing nails. Watch for that soon.

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