CHRISTMAS KITCHEN DECOR - decorating my cupboard doors

I find it hard to fit Christmas decorations into my small kitchen so I went looking for inspiration this year. I found wreaths hung on cabinets which I adored but this felt too big for my little space still.

walmart wreath bought 2 years ago

I kept searching and found simpler embellishments
hanging over doors and I was off to the races.
I just had to work on a smaller scale!

I had everything I need to make them and started stealing bits from an old wreath I wasn't using.
Consider buying a whole wreath if you have several cupboards you want to do. Look at how many
pieces they have to use and I'm sure this one cost less than $24 a few years back. Another alternative
for inexpensive faux greenery is the thrift store. People donate it and they bag it up for sale.

I hot glued several leaves overlapping for the flat base, this is how I established the size I
wanted my finished pieces to be. Then I used faux pine, pine cones and faux berry sprigs. 

long twist ties can be reused from new packages of Christmas lights
It is best to use ribbon that has a wired edge or your bow will sag. Each door will need about 5 feet of
 ribbon. Start at one end of your ribbon and fold it over to make loops that will end up being your
bow. Keep pinching these together in the center until you have the number of loops you want. Finish
 off by wrapping a long twist tie or wire around the center where you have been pinching it. Make
 sure to leave a foot and a half or more of your ribbon to hang over the cabinet door.

Now take that bow you made and attach it to your greenery with the wire.

I've hung mine with some tape on the inside of the cupboard doors.


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