I built this cabinet using 3 different pieces of furniture, trim, appliques, and 2 pine doors.
A pair of simple nightstands with drawers were screwed together for the base cabinet and the doors
were used to close in the open section of the nightstands for hidden storage.
I mimicked the oval shapes in the applique and the drawer handles.

 BACK                             FRONT

Here are some close ups to help understand how 3 different moldings were used to frame the base.
The square embellishment (plastic) was attached to a thick square of wood before being installed.

The top was built using a discarded bookshelf frame and 10" boards
from an old waterbed frame were used for shelves.

The top was trimmed in more moldings and the sides got banister turnings.

I'm in love with this new wallpaper and lined everything I could on this piece.

The cabinet is built in 2 pieces so it can easily be transported. The top simply sits on the bottom.

And I kept it!
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  1. you did another fantastic job. I would've kept it too.

  2. Yay! You kept it. I love seeing all the transformations that people make...and then sadly they sell them. :(
    doesn't mean you have to keep it for always...but keep it for now and enjoy it. Then when something else will can sell it or pass it on and someone else can enjoy your remade and lovely treasures!
    I don't always feel that way... sometimes when I watch the Antiques Road Show... and the estimated 'worth' is revealed ...I shout at the TV and say... SELL!!!
    Cause you know that kind of money doesn't come along in every life time.



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