Round is smoother in a small space.
 Round dining tables, round ottomans, round coffee tables, and round stools all make life smoother in
 a small space. Think about every piece of furniture that sits out in the middle of a room and is
 walked around. When these pieces are round or oval they make for better pathways through your space.


 Move things along.
 When something new comes into your home something old should leave. I know sometimes this is a
 hard rule to follow however if you think it through most times you can do it. If you buy a new set of
 sheets you can come up with an old set ready to be used as rags or sent off to the thrift store. If you
 fell in love with a new tea pot, has a friend expressed interest in your old one so you can pass it on to
 them. I know we love having beautiful things, but I have learned I would rather pass these things
 along after enjoying them for a short time rather then being overwhelmed by them.

 Be creative with storage.
 I'm always looking for that space in our home that is not being used to it's full potential. Think about
 this around your home, stop and take a look around I know there is one area you have been voiding.
 That is exactly how I came up with my storage solution for the printers. They were already sitting in
 the room where I wanted them but I had to imagined what I would need that big to hide them inside.
 Think outside of the box or in this case think how big the box needs to be and see if you have that 
unconventional item just waiting to be used.


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