I've had this ornate piece of wood work for a few months just waiting for bed season.
And bed season is going strong with this line up so far ...

Next up is an antique oak double bed I purchased for our spare bedroom years ago.
Well the spare bedroom turned into my work space so it never saw the light of day until now. 

If you start with good solid bones it's a fairly simple and easy process to update a bed frame.

The first thing I did was paint the solid steel frame with a flat oil based spray.
The steel gets rusty over time so sealing it with an oil is best.
The second thing I did was to make cross slats so a mattress is all that is needed.
This frame has no lip to hold the slats in place so I cut scraps to glue to the underside of each board
so they stay tight in place between the rails. All the boards I used were from other furniture pieces,
all recycled!!
I made the headboard taller by screwing a second headboard onto the back.
Who would have thunk???
Don't forget a little extra on the footboard, but think about if your footboard is going to be covered
up with another piece of furniture such as a bench, table, or dresser. It would be a waste to spent too
much time and decoration on an area that won't be seen.

Here you can see the before and after. She is painted in a soft distressed white and perfect for a small space with amazing storage area underneath and only needing a mattress.


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  1. Hi Kristy!!!

    Who would have thunk?? YOU!!! This bed is amazing!!! I really love the accent pieces on the foot board. It adds that little feminine touch to it.



  2. you are so amazing-watching you make things from nothing to something is like watching aa painter paints his piece of art and add each time a touch of something
    thank you so much for sharing

  3. Wow... I absolutely love what you did with this bed. You really do amazing work and are a HUGE inspiration to me!!!

    Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too



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