Today I am happy to share a home tour update with you.
I finally found the right piece for the wall that helps define a line between the bedroom
area and the sitting area. For those not familiar with the space,
the main living space is set up like a bachelor suite, kitchen, living, sleeping all in one open area.
The full HOME TOUR can be seen here with a big secret at the end, be sure to read all the way to the bottom.
I found this reclaimed window cabinet on the roadside ... 
Maybe if everyone chanted quietly "Curbside Treasure!" at the same time your neighbors will put something great out for you to find too ... It was just a thought.
One pane of glass is missing and it's really crooked but I adore it, and you see how well it
works over the printer trunk.
BEFORE                     AFTER
For those who missed out on a cool way to hide your printers here it is again ...


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