I have a lovely desk, a very gorgeous work place that most would envy.
I purchased the desk from a second hand store, replaced the broken legs with antique claw feet,
and built the upper hutch to fit on top. It is perfect for our space and my blogging headquarters.

Here it is in the far corner ...

But I have a second desk that I adore just as much but never get to use. It's an amazing English ladies
 writing desk, that was it's title in the sales listing at the auction when I bought it. It's the perfect ladies desk, the kind you can have in the middle of the room and get to sit behind to receive clients at. 

I do not have the space to have it set up this way and believe me my mind has been
trying to for find the right space in our little home for 2 years.

As I mull over these photos I am still wanting to sit at it and create some wonderful drawings
or simply read the next magazine that starts to inspire another of my creations.
The time has come to find a better home where it can be loved and most importantly used.

This whole process unfolded when I purchased 2 book shelves to redo and I started to see the
potential in a great photo shoot setting up the whole office space for a short period.
Now I can say I did it and I had the hip and cool office space, I just don't get to keep it.

I put white washed tongue and groove boards on the backs of these shelves. 
A tutorial on how to white washed boards can be found here:

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