Okay this post can't wait any longer. It is long over due as I finished this table, Parlor Table that is, days ago. However I have lost the before picture. I know there was one taken I have seen it, but do you think I can find it ... NO!

So with your imagination think hard about a simple yet dark oak wobbly table. Have you got the image in your mind?
Well it won't work if you keep looking at the nice ornate white one I am showing you. Close your eyes and think hard.

I painted it in old, distressed the edges, and waxed it with Minwax.

But before doing all the pretty stuff I had to make the table
 strong and stable again. I tightened every joint possible with
 clamps and glue but it still shifted to and fro,
and it needed a little character added.

That's where the fancy bits come in.
The scrolled wood work you see at the back
stabilized the shifting and took a ho hum piece of furniture
and made it attractive. My scrolled wood work was purchased
 while on a road trip into the US, and it was a second hand
 find and I still have 2 more of them to play with. Maybe one
 day I will get a scroll saw and try my hand at creating these
 lovely designs.

As you can see I didn't stop there, I also cut up some more of
 those plastic wall decorations to add some ornate details
at the front edges of both shelves.

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