Half way through this painting project I got a vision of a magical lion & unicorn crest
spread across the face of my cabinet. 
The cabinet I was working with was originally a lumber store pine kit project. It didn't get assembled
right and looked so bad that the thrift store I purchase it from had labeled it as *HOME MADE*

I rebuilt it from the bottom up, using new screws, new handles, new hinges, and a few well placed
 "L" brackets. She ended up getting a rustic paint finish and embellished across the front with a
 wonderful transfer.
 The top is painted with ASCP Graphite and the body was painted ASCP Old White. It turned out wonderful but hard to photograph so you can see how amazing it looks in person. I used the dark wax
all over the body to add age and depth to the finish.
As long as you understand how the 2 waxes work together you can create all sorts of finishes.


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