WINTER COCOA - more mason jar ideas

Here is your next holiday gift idea using mason jars.
Fill your cleaned jars with broken-up candy canes, marshmallows,
and hot chocolate mix. It took 12 medium length candy canes to half fill this jar.
Your candy canes could also be kept intact to act as a stir stick.
Get creative and hang them from a basket or tie them up with ribbon to each jar.
Any size mason jar can be used just remember the bigger the jar the more filling it will need.
Have fun creating these last minute gifts that will warm every one's heart and tummy.
Pick up thrift store wire baskets to transport your gift and display on the gifties kitchen counter.
 Embellish the baskets with ribbons and bows, or get creative a make
a fancy label with ingredient lists and instructions.
You could also stack your jars up in a tall wine bag left over from a wine gift last year.
Put those bags back into use for an alternative festive drink.

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