USING DARK WAX - creme brule table

How many of you have seen an amazing furniture finish that you fell in love with
and you find out the artist used dark wax technics to achieve the look. If you are a buyer than you
can purchase the piece and enjoy it in your home, showing it off to friends and family.
But if you are just starting to paint for yourself,
incorporating dark wax into your paint projects can seem tricky and a bit daunting.
I'm not here to tell you that it isn't, I too struggled with using it but now know it's
only because I was just as frightened to use it as the next person.
What I am going to suggest is ... try it! Dig in, get your hands dirty, and see what happens.
Many of us also have the oppurtunity to take local classes to help get us over the hurdle of starting.
There are so many wonderful tricks and technics that can be achieved with it.
Like what I have done with this new table, I have named Creme Brule.

With the Creme Brule Table I used the dark wax in different areas.
You can see in the center of the top I used it to lightly age the finish,
where as I used it heavier to change the color around the accents. 
And before I leave you George has
this week's ETSY updates:

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