UPDATING A BEDROOM - what we did on labour day

During our Labour Day weekend George and I changed our bedroom area.
Above is how it looked before we started and below is us starting to move things around. 
Oh the dust bunnies!!!
3 days later and all the furniture is in place but there is plenty still to do before I can show you it all.

Yes I painted the loveseat, and what an amazing difference it has made to the space.
I'm also going back and forth fiinishing up the buffet and hutch from last week.
A table has come my way that I have grand plans for.
Anyone have some wonderfully beaten up, weathered lumber (2 x 6 or larger) that you want rid of?
A set of 4 chairs found their way into the back of George's Van.
I'm feeling a tad bit overwhelmed and I haven't mentioned the other 3 projects on my plate.

There has been some great hardware added to the on-line shop that I found over the weekend


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  1. I like your work, good ideas :)

  2. Hi! Can't wait to see everything finished. It all looks great to me - I have to do a similar fix up and move around in my home as well (especially my bedroom).

    I have the exact same loveseat. I painted it as well and distressed it like you did. They could be twins! I want to re-upholster mine though. The fabric is a bit too shiny damask-y for me. Been thinking of a linen look - but I did see a similar loveseat done in a pale blue and cream stripe that looked very beachy.

    I was lucky (on Craigslist) to get the loveseat, two wing chairs (in a matching fabric) and a square coffee table (that needs an overhaul) from a guy who was moving to Chicago and he just had to sell stuff quickly...for $160 total. Not a bad deal...but everything needs work.

    It will be a blogpost at some point soon.

    Love your blog! Can you add a way to link a wordpress.org blog? Or even Name/URL? I don't have a way for my new profile to come up (only my old one, which I am not using anymore) Thanks.


  3. You spent the whole weekend in the bedroom and you sound like you are still tired! Must be from all the projects waiting outside that door.


  4. Love your blog! You have great ideas for transfers and I love that you share them with us. I will be following along for sure!


  5. I think this is the first time I have seen your home in a post. Since I love how you combine elements to create a new piece of furniture I should not be surprised to see the wonderful job you did in putting together a room. It looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it.




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