ANGEL WINGS - dresser makeover

My love of wood working came quite naturally as I grew up. I eventually taught myself how to paint,
 I developed the confidence and learned over time how to use power tools. I was gifted with a
creative mind and the eye to see wonderful and beautiful shapes and ideas. It has taken years to put it
 all together to create the amazing things I write about in this blog but I'm happy doing it.

 I used the front legs off this rotting wet road side arm chair and attached them to this
dresser. This project was not simple or easy and took a lot of wood working skills.

These beautiful angel wings I added are my custom graphic transfer process.
There are many different methods to doing graphic transfers, check out which will work best for you:

The image was one of many available on line,
do a simple search on Google for ANGEL WINGS IMAGE.

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make sure to take a look.


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  1. Wow-That is a beautiful piece. I know the legs are hardwork to fit but MAN-they really give the piece some style. LOVE those wings- amazing job-xo Diana

  2. Come on tell the truth! You just dabbed a bit of paint on your wings and backed into the chest of drawers!!!

  3. WOW! I've done a lot of working with wood and building things. It took me a while to use the table saw because it was so loud and scary but I mastered it.B ut I don't think I will attempt to put legs on a dresser like that. It's GREAT that you just go for it. Bravo! I love it and it makes the dresser very stylish and I love the wings. You are so talented.

  4. Wow, I love the wings!

  5. so unique and beautiful! i love your outside the box thinking!

  6. Gorgeous!! Such a one-off - its fabo!!

  7. SHOCKER!!!! LOVE this UNIQUE piece!!!! So very one of a kind:)Youre definately a Mastermind!!! lol Im sooo following you ,stop by and visit with your new friend!!

  8. Wowsers~had a blogger/admirer of mine send me this link to your wings!! Love it Kristy!! YOu are the queen of this department for sure!! xo