TRICKING THE EYE - map drawer dresser

One thing I've been keeping from you regarding our weekend Thrift Shop Hop
was the excellent deal one of my ladies got.

I spied this black dresser (nothing super amazing) but it had over
$70 worth of reproduction glass knobs on it.
The dresser had a price of $17.50 so I offered to add the dresser to the ever waiting list
of things to re purpose and she could take the knobs.

When I woke the next morning I walked out to see this dresser I had agreed to take on.
So simple, so boring, but it was made of plywood and solid wood, I can work with this.

All I could see was these funny divided drawers ...
I always tell ppl to work with what you got!
So I took a simple boring six drawer dresser and turned it into
a funky vintage looking map drawer chest.

All 6 drawers are completely lined with a heavy sheet music paper.
I added a dozen vintage handles with an antiqued brass finish to make it look like 12 drawers.

This is a super multifunctional piece, excellent height for a buffet,
would look fabulous as a TV console, or of course it would be great for bedroom storage.

I did work heavily on the structure, added a heavy and beautifully curving base molding,
along with a set of aluminum cabriolet legs

The legs I used on this piece are from Richelieu, product # BP560060

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  1. My uncle has a piece very similar to this that he uses to hold all of his (huge collection of) sheet music, so I love that it's lined in just that!

  2. You're always such an inspiration!

  3. it looks great! wherever did you get those legs? i have a big boxy dresser in my room that could use a little lift!

  4. love that you made it look like a map dresser, what a great idea, and it turned out beautiful!

  5. It's amazing what adding the legs did to elevate the piece--no pun intended! Lining the drawers makes it extra special. I would be so happy every time I opened one of those beauties!

  6. Is there anything you don't think of?


  7. This looks like the real thing. I love the legs.

  8. Once again, the legs make all the difference. The sheet music in the drawers gives this such a sweet, whimsical feel. Very nice makeover!

  9. WOW- what a huge transformation- another amazing job!

  10. Great for storing unframed artworks too.

    Popped in from Wow Us Wednesday.