THRIFT SHOP HOP INVENTORY - photo recap of the day

George came up with the idea of a thrift shop hop several weeks ago
and this past Saturday we all set out on that amaziing first adventure.

We hit a few yard sales, one of which was on a horse farm held for charity
and then on to a thrift store before stopping at a local
Vintage Market being held that day.

Here he is with the 2 ladies that road with him for the day.

Joelle is offering me ideas for something she wants.

Then off to a ReStore

by noon George was whining for lunch so the mandatory Canadian
Tim Horton's Lunch Break was made.

Once everyone was rested, refreshed and rehydrated
it was time for some major thrifting again.

Thrift Store #3

Thrift Store #4

Thrift Store #5 

Our last stop of the day was at our
Favorite Antique Dealer

By now George is goofing off so much I know he needs his nap.
Time to head home.
After 8 hours it is to be expected.

These are some of my finds for the day.

The next Hop has been scheduled for Aug 18th check out the info at:

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