BRICK & MORTAR - vintage shopping

In a little town called New Westminister here in the Greater Vancouver area
we have a new vintage shop that goes by the name

New Westminister really isn't a little town but it is one of the oldest.

From the street you are welcomed with fragrant flowers and wonderful window displays.

Many ppl go antiquing in the shops along Front Street,
but Brick & Mortar Living is just around the corner on Begbie Street

The shop is filled with Rediscovered treasures,
and hand made items.

I personally adore this cherry blossom print and have similar photos stored away
in my files. Maybe one day I will be have one of my own to hang on the wall.

It is one of those places you just love to look around at all the creative ideas
and enjoy the atmosphere before you take a little piece home with you.

And I'll tell you a secret ...
the prices are good too.

If you look closely in the picture above
you can see George in the mirror having a chat with the Jenn, the shop owner.

Does this give any of you ladies ideas?

Before I go, let me share a little mental picture that makes my laugh when I think about it.
It includes a vintage typewriter used as a planter (yes Elisa it's your story)
If you take a typewriter such as this one below and use it as a planter it looks extremely charming
but do you also realize every child in the vicinity will still hit the keys but now dirt goes flying everywhere.
I just had to share that in the hopes you can visualize it.

When you stop in to see Jenn at Brick & Mortar Living be sure to mention I sent you.

Here is a link with the store's address and hours:

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