YOU'VE COME ALONG WAY BABY - dressing room reveal

Our little dressing room has grown and matured so much in a few short years.
This room serves all our clothing needs including laundry folding, ironing, and every day dressing.
 Here she is as a youngster.

And now she has graduated, making both of us very proud.

This is the area that we needed the most, a place to put clean laundry and fold it.
I saw this frame available at the auction I knew I wanted it and knew it would be painted.
The Whitehall Laundry sign is an actual a fabric laundry "BAG".
I purchased the bag from a lady that deals in estates and furniture.

One of the many signs hanging on the walls is also covering the fuse box.
The curtain tie backs & scrolled metal shelf brackets are second hand buys.
The shelf is cut from 2 pine bed rails and is extra deep.

This thick vanity surface was stolen from a large midcentury desk I tore down for parts. We found
this drawers and pull out on the side of the road. I customized and installed them under the surface.

This solid brass urn had a wonderful patina in dark reds and browns when I first got it.
It was handmade in India, sorry India, I had to paint it.

The stacked dresser are perfect in this corner.
Details about their transformation can be found here.

I painted these baskets white using my sprayer.

New baskets whether white or brown are priced very close so think before you buy.
Because spray painting old brown baskets takes a lot of paint and time which will translate
into a good deal of money but it is an option to recycle them.

One problem I still have with the room is an ironing board.

I wanted to get one in a cabinet that hangs on the wall then hinge this full length mirror to it.
Mom and Dad had one in their house and it was great,
but the cost of these wonderful things is high
so I will make due for now until I can find one or figure out how to build one.
 More pictures can be seen at OUR HOME TOUR,
I have also added some pictures on the BEFORE AND AFTER page

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  1. What a transformation! I am jealous! It would never stay white with my husband..he tracks in grass and mud worse than any of the kids ever did. I love your signs, I really need to try your technique out. Beautiful job!

  2. Really really beautiful!

  3. Gorgeous! I think I need a dressing room too!

  4. You must be so proud of your dressing room, all grown up and everything. I just hope the teenage years didn't give you too much grief. She has turned into such a beautiful, and might I add functional adult!

  5. What a fabulous multi-purpose space. I just love it and you have done a terrific job in there. It looks like a show place- xo Diana

  6. Very purdy!! I could just melt into a room like that. Great job! :)

  7. What a gorgeous dressing room. I would be sure to linger there each day.

  8. MERCY ME....there should be a law that says EVERY woman shall have a dressing room this large. Woo hoo....I know you must love it.

  9. Sigh.....such beauty in one place. You have done a lovely job.
    Will you be at the Scout Market as a vendor? I am going to the preview on Friday evening. I am so excited! I can hardly contain myself.

  10. Lovely space, you have a keen eye :) Tanya

  11. oh my!!! who wouldn't LOVE a place like your dressing room! so cozy and inviting!