WHITE SEWING MACHINE - repurposed treadle sewing cabinet

The Kentucky Derby was on while I
was working on this pile of bits and 
pieces from an old sewing machine
table ...

 ... and George was screaming at the TV.
He's been excited about a local jockey and the Canadian owned horse running the Derby,
and sure enough they won!
All while I was painstakingly trying to rebuild this treadle sewing cabinet.

I'd been looking for some examples of re purposed treadle cabinets on-line
but to my dismay there were very few to be found.

I knew I wanted to paint the metal base in white but what to do to the rest of it ...

The repairs needed were very extensive and frustrating with all the fragile pieces
that had to be fastened back together.

I eventually got it resembling it's former self with a few replacement parts.
I maintained the pedal and wheel so if used as a desk,
you can keep your feet amused and occupied.

I lined the drawers in a white wallpaper.

and a french graphic to the top from the graphics fairy.

graphic available here

There is no sewing machine in it anymore and the top doesn't open.

I've re purposed it into a table to be used as an entry piece, a desk, or even a sofa table.

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  1. Lovely work!

    I tried to search but I couldn't find the source of the french graphic. It is yummy!



  2. Love what you did with your sewing machine. We are in the process of refurbishing one. "We" as in I bought a horrid mess and my husband is restoring it. If he ever finishes, I'll share the photos - his work is always worth the wait for me.

  3. Sencillamente maravillosa.

  4. Kristy, If you could look through your monitor right now, you would have just seen my jaw hit the floor. This is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it so much, I'm going to do this to the one we have in our living room. It used to be my great grandmothers:) I'll show you when I'm pau ~ a hui hou, shelly

  5. Now I wish I could go to the dump and get mine back. Do you think it's still there from 1983? Gorgeous transformation!

  6. Lovely!! What an amazing job! What method did you use for your transfer? It turned out beautifully!

  7. You did an amazing job on this...it's is so awesome.
    Could you tell me how you added the graphic on top?

  8. ok, I just found how you do these graphics...waaay beyond anything I could ever do.
    I just linked up to follow...:)

  9. This is over the top beautiful - how do you keep doing this day after day after day,
    You put me to shame!

  10. Oh my it turned out gorgeous!!!

  11. What a beautiful transformation. I would love to have you share this at Restyled Sundays.

  12. I love it, love the white base. I have a base in the garage and had it in my mind it had to be black, guess I never saw one in white. But my favorite is how the drawers came out, on the computer they have that metallic edge and look fab. The graphic? Well you know how I feel about those - sends it over the top for me. And of course I'd rather use a sewing cabinet for anything except sewing!


  13. I AM YOUR 1000th FOLLOWER! I found you at The North End Loft and I'm so very glad I did. I love your work. It is fabulous and inspirational!



  14. just wondering if you sold this. I love it. Would you be willing to do another one?

  15. LOVELY JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember my mom wanting to do this very thing as a child. Sorry to say, it didn't happen for her, but I'm glad you did it!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. I love it. I have been searching for an example for months to redo my machine cabinet and I came across yours and almost did the happy dance. I hope mine will look as beautiful as yours. Thank you

  17. The contrast of the white top and dark drawers is beautiful! I've been working on sanding down my treadle and am unsure what direction to go in once I'm finished (paint white vs a dark ebony/walnut stain). This combines both! Would you be willing to share how you created that finish on the drawers?! I am in love with it!

  18. You always inspire me, great job!!