HUTCH DEMOLITION - seaside cabinet build

While my paint dries on the next project I'm working on I'm stealing a few moments
to give you some of the details and photos of the seaside cabinet transformation. 

The upper hutch unit was something you might see in your mom's home back in the 70's.
It even came with a spoon rack there in the upper middle portion.

I've had this hidden away for almost a year.
It did have 2 doors on the side units but with no panel or glass in them.
They will get used for another project down the road.

I removed all the interior dividers to make the unit multi-functional.

Strangley enough they were all MDF anyways.

The newly fitted shelves were salvaged from a waterbed frame and
can be removed if needed then tucked away on the top of the cabinet.

Lots of layering of paint with waxing and distressing

got me to the final result.

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