Over the weekend a friend and I spend some time building her a sheet music wreath to hang over her mantle.

glue gun and glue
hole punch
box cutter knife
sheet music (minimum 32 pages)
square of heavy box cardboard (min. 6 x 6)

We made an extra large one using full pages on the outer ring
and half pages for the inner ring.
Start by wrapping your first page into a cone and secure with hot glue.

It may take a few tries but you will get the hang of making the cones fairly quick. For the outer ring Lisa got in the groove quicker then I did, so we let her hands finish all the outer ring.

While I ran beads of hot glue down the sides of each finished cone to attach the next.

Normally I use 21 cones for the outer ring, regardless of the
 size. Lisa just kept making them so we ended with 24 cones.


21 cones so far
Rather than attached them to a backer to start,
I like attaching them to each other so I can stretch them
into a circle and they flatten out a bit.

The second layer of cones we used 23 half sheets.
I got into the groove of making these ones while Lisa was cutting the sheets for me.

Each were glued over the bottom layer seams.
Once the second layer is in place gently turn your wreath
 over. You will quickly see or feel how flexible the wreath is 
right now.

Here is where we attached the cardboard to stiffen up the wreath and create your hanger.
Cut your cardboard into a square and hot glue into place.

Punch a hole for your hanging string in a corner of the cardboard backer.
This step is easy to do with a paper hole punch just before you attached it to the wreath.

Measure and cut your hanging string extra long (you can always shorten it later)
Thread it threw your cardboard and secure it with some glue.

We picked one of the extra pin wheels left over from the Christmas tree to glue in the center.

Here she is proudly displayed over Lisa's mantle.

You can always follow along on 
INSTAGRAM @4_the_love_of_wood
where you get sneak peaks of what I am up to.


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