A PROVINCIAL PAIR - nightstand and hiboy

Right now George is working countless hours running his business and doing deliveries,
which intern giving me extra time to work on painting guilt free.
This hiboy and nightstand are one of the latest projects that have been completed.

I'd like to say it was a simple redo, and in simple terms it was.
No repairs were needed.

However it did take countless hours to pianted both pieces in Old White

Then wax both pieces, removing the excess as I went along.

Then washed them in thinned out Graphite chalk paint and remove the excess.

Wax and polish every inch of the dresser and table again.

Once all that was done,
I hand painted each handle with Graphite chalk paint highlighting the girly curves.

The final step was to prep the arborite tops with a primer.

Wrap the body in plastic and get them outside before spraying the top in a glossy black.

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