MEETING OVER COFFEE - desk and chair set

These two pieces were random finds that I redid and paired up to make a splendid set.

Once upon a time in land far far away this
chair & this table I redid 

came to meet after living in the same village for so long.

You see the cool kids didn't like them so they would never
be invited home with them to play.

But when they met each other it was love at first sight and was meant to be.

The chair had been included in a black spray session a few
 months back hoping to get some new lookers.

When I saw the table and chair together it only made sense to
 me to paint the now desk top to match the chair seat.

I played with my paint color and brushed and sanded against the wood grain
to achieve a similar appearance to the burlap material on the chairs seat.

I then used dark minwax ...
before I hand painted and aged this fun coffee design to the top.

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