NO LONGER JUST A DINING CHAIR - balloon back chair

I really enjoy doing balloon back chairs.
Not because they are easy to work on but because I love the shape so much.


They are also great small space chairs, light weight yet solidly built,
once revamped they can be used in many rooms of your home.

They can be use at a desk in your daughter`s room, and even at your office desk.
George uses a balloon back chair at his desk.

They are the perfect vanity chair, or extra seating when entertaining,
How about in the bathroom with some folded towels sitting upon the seat?
Let`s not stop there ....
In the front entry to drop your coat and bag on,
and of course they fit nicely as a bedroom chair to throw extra pillows or a robe on.

I primed and painted this one in my signature white semi gloss paint.

Then upholstered in a black velvet material with a damask 2 tone design.

It`s also trimmed with bright white cording.

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