WHAT IS MDF - painted mid century dresser

I turned this elegant mid century dresser into a chic and modern TV console.

Look at these wonderful carved wood handles extending the full length of each of the 9 drawers.

George picked this up from a nice lady quite some time ago
but I refused to work on it till he recently egged me on again.

The drawers are beautifully built with solid wood front to back, top to bottom.
I wish I could find this level of quality in every piece I work on.

The entire inside frame structure is constructed with solid hard wood.

Now to the reason I refused to work on this piece.
The 6ft long top surface *interior* is ... (listen carefully for the scarey music)
MDF - medium density fiberboard

This invention of the 1960s is formed by gluing together wood fibers under high heat and pressure.
Unfortunelty this dresser dates to 1972, thus becoming an early victim of this new invention.

However this piece also has a thick solid wood veneer covering the MDF,
making it possible for me to completely strip, sand, and refinish the top.

Those familiar with my work know my clear feelings regarding MDF products but many DIYers
are finding ways to refinish it and repurpose pieces constructed of it.

Like these MDF cupboards given a faux paint finish at KFD Designs

How about this wall art using MDF from All Things Thrifty

  MDF hardboard was used to transform this guest bedroom at Miss Mustard Seed

So George made one last attempt to convince me to give it a shot and offer a MDF revamp.
I'm pleased, well very pleased with the end result but I don't feel my opinion on MDF is going to change any time soon. If this MDF hadn't been wrapped up in so much beautiful craftsmanship
it would have never got my attention.

I opted to industrialize it and give it the low profile needed for a sleek TV console
with vintage metal casters I picked up from my favorite antique dealer.

"Now that's stunning"
is what George said as he walked around the corner not expecting to see it finished for the first time.
He actually keeps saying it every time he passes by.

Here are some unique hardware pieces available at


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  1. This is AMAZING! I love everything about it. Seriously, I can't stop looking at it! GREAT job!

  2. I think it is VERY cool! I wanted to go see how much you were asking for it (I live too far away to buy it but I was just curious). In my mind, I was thinking $500 (accounting for the original piece and for all the labor you put into it) but you have it for almost half of that. Someone is going to get a great deal.

  3. It IS stunning! I'm not always grabbed by modern furniture, but those wood handles are to die for! Glad he goaded you into it, someone is going to snatch it up quickly.

  4. This is a piece that speaks! It can handle so many types of decor it looks FABULOUS!!! Its a good thing to listen to George :)

  5. thanks so much! :)

  6. Wow! Looks great as usual!

  7. Really... you did a great job! When I first looked at your pictures of it with the drawers open... I thought that they were all connected so you had to open the entire row of drawers... yeah... don't mind me.... it's hot here! LoL... It did turn out nice though!

  8. looks fantastic! great job.
    cheryl xox.



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