HOMESENSE HOW I ADORE THEE - my new birdcage and painted mirror

Last visit to Homesense happened to be a quick
 stop while we were on a peaceful drive to get away
 from the hustle and bustle of life and work. As both
 George and I work at home a great deal in the
 evenings sometimes we just take off for a quiet
 drive and enjoy an ice cappuchino from Tim Hortons.

Recently I had mentioned out loud wanting a bird
 cage. I had really wanted one for a long time but
 never mentioned it. With my retail job I've been all
 over the Fraser Valley as well as different locations
through out the country and really just never see them.

Well during this last stop at Homesense we meandered around
the store together close to closing time, George would pop
 in and out of the isles showing me things he saw.
 Then just as we rounding the final lap to the finish
 line he popped into the isle again this time with a
 beautiful white birdcage in hand.
I gasped and immediately said

Then common sense took over and I asked
Turned out to be $40, come on!
Well I still wanted it.

While this whole thought process was going on
 George popped in with another bird house of a
 different color and style. Now I was even more
 excited at options. Be careful what you wish for.
 Before the whole thing was done we musta found
 close to a dozen different styles, sizes and colors.
And different prices. 

Including this pretty pretty turquoise one and it was only $15
*** SOLD ***

Another find that evening was this great
mini suitcase.

We also got our large oval clock that you've seen in the past
and a few book boxes at Homesense.

Before I go I want to share with you some encouragement I received from

She painted her beautiful mirror frame pink and
 encouraged me when I told her I didn't quite have
 the nerve to do mine.
Well I was finally able to find a bit of time Mother's
 day morning and went for it. Happy Mother's day to me.
Mine's blue, it's bold, it's finished, and it's brilliant.
Did you notice it also matches the bird cage?

A tutorial of this mirror can be found here.

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