GARBAGE WEEK, A SISTER, AND A STRANGER - french slipper chair

It started with an email from a stranger.
Hi I have seen your posts and love what you do. It is "junk day"
 pick up tomorrow. Anyway my neighbor has a credenza and table
 out. French Provincial style. Free for the pick up. If interested
 you need to come soon Let me know and I could get it for you.
Any ideas what we did next?
but those items you'll have to wait to see.

The subject of this post is about the next day
and my loving sister coming out to see what
 else could be found.

We had a late morning start, bad traffic, and a
 doctors appointment for the nephews we had to be
 back for, leaving us with only 30 minutes to scour
 the road sides for treasures.

Did I mention it was pouring rain?
She saw the chair first but we couldn't stop because of
traffic so it would have to wait till we came back this way.




Needless to say we got it.
I'll never forget my sister, 5'5 135lbs picking this
 chair up and running across the busy road before a
 semi truck barrelled past.

  • dropcloth skirting
  • white cord trim from a fancy comforter
  • upholstery is from a heavy weight duvet cover
  • double welting from the same duvet cover
I'm always buying new and beautiful bed covers. A lot of them
are heavy weight, good quality, and sometimes vintage. So when I need
to upholster something the first place I look is my linen stash.

If you want to read about the cute little table in the
 pictures it can be found here

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