COME, SIT, RELAX - white country spindle bench

Take a moment to stop in and enjoy the fresh BC air.

Have a seat, stay awhile.

The longer you stay, George will have to put off
 getting on his ride on lawn mower.

Would you like a refreshment?

The truth is I have wanted to take these photos for
awhile, and then when I turned my back George
 actually start to mow the lawn.

Well I run outa the house, down the stairs,
waving my arms madly in the air.

Well of course he thinks something is on fire but
 does give me a helping hand to carry the bench out,
 watches while I take the photos, and then as any
 gentleman would, helped to carry it back. I'm sure
 he was just eager to get back to his ride.

 Some of you caught a quick glimpse of this little
  gem during an earlier post about wallpaper, a
 highboy, and my new paint sprayer. If you missed
 out you can find that here.

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