AND THE OSCAR GOES TO - paisley highboy

Trying to make this one write like an epic story,
as you scroll down the page seeing each photo
 I want it to feel as if you've just turned the page of
 a mystery novel or the next movie scene.

This would be the front cover of our book,
 designed specifically to entice you.

Chapter 1
We first see a glimpse of the past
and feel sympathy and concern.

Chapter 2
Then curiosity starts when we see
a bit of magic in this tale.

Chapter 3
A good story has many ups and downs.

Chapter 4
Dark clouds of days gone by now weave their way in.

Chapter 5
But every good epic has a hero, a warrior,
or just a supporting actress to steal the shiny Oscar.

Chapter 6
The long hard battle begins ....

Chapter 7
Every arsenal used .....

Chapter 8
Defending against evil ....

Chapter 9
with a trusty shield of armour .....

Chapter 9
The hero triumphs

The Finale
Everyone lives happily ever after

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