YOUR VERY OWN CHARM - beach shell charm tutorial

Yesterday I showed you my beach charms and
promised to show you how to create them for yourself.
So without further ado,
Here is your step by step instructional how to make
 a flower charm from common beach shells.

I started by dividing the shells into different sizes.

 I then went and found the Krazy glue and tweezers.

 I started with one half shell and with a drop of glue
to the rounded
 bottom edge attached a second half shell kinda off set.

I used the hinge of the shell to mimic the look of each petal tip.

 The tweezers helped to keep my fingers
from getting glued together or glued to the shells.

As it sat on my work surface I dotted the glue
  on each new petal then holding the center
portion with the tweezers I pressed it onto the new
 petal letting the glue dry for a few seconds.

Continuing to use this technic I moved around the
 center part of the bloom added new petals. 

 Once the center started to get bigger I then
 changed my method by adding the new petals to
 the center portion by having it sit on the work
 surface and slipping each new petal underneath the edge.

By now this is what the back is looking like. 

 Keep going.

 and you will end up with this.

Next in the beach shell installments we have

votive holders found here:

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