THE TALE OF A SINGLE NIGHTSTAND - bedside table makeover

I had been relegated to the
corner of my owner's yard
sale, like a child on a time-out.

No one looked at me, no one would talk to me.
 Why should they I only had one drawer knob,
 paint was falling off me, my drawers wouldn't even
 open. I was beyond chic, I was just shabby.

 From my corner view I saw the nice couple drive
 in. After looking around they bought a few of my
 friends. One at a time the nice man would pay my
 owner and then tuck each of them gently in their
 car. I then began to pout. There I was hiding in the
 corner with all hope running out.
All of a sudden the nice lady looked my way.
 Would she fork out the money and pay?
I got so excited!
She crossed the yard and started inspecting me,
 she even turned me upside down to see.

Soon I was on my way to a new home.
She didn't think I was an ugly garden gnome!
First, she came at me with a screw driver,
prying at my drawer.
I wasn't gonna give up that easy.
This was gonna be a chore.
Then came a pry bar and a hammer,
I thought this is really gonna hurt.
She got all my drawers open
with a lot of hard work,
 So rather then a home for mice
I really started to feel rather nice. 
Then I got some new paint,
my drawers were lined,
and I even got a new shine.
My drawers got new jewelry,
She's not playing no tom foolery!

I live happily ever after
with a nice lady they found
where I now live in her home town.


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