GOOD NIGHT - revamped beds in review

King & Queen sized mattresses were first
 introduced in 1958. The footboard above was from
 an older double sized frame so it had to be
 converted to accomodate the 60" width of a queen
 mattress. The headboard was a more modern
 queen which was then matched up to the antique
 foot & rails.

Most bed frames I work on are
mismatched pieces collected over time.

Here was a solid oak Georgian style
headboard just needing a new color.

This was our headboard before purchasing a new to
 us craig's list cherry sleigh set. George needs his
 manly man furniture around. I originally build it
 from a simple chunky type pine head & foot board.
 I extended the height & added all the great details.

I try to build the frame section for my beds so a
 boxspring is not needed. Due to the shear size I
 can only build beds in the summer when I have the
 great out doors to build and photograph in.

Old pine waterbed parts including those bookshelf
 headboards are perfect for parts to make new
 mattress platforms from.

This french inspired headboard got a faux distressed
 paint finish atop of a soft creme color.

This pine frame needed some serious revamping.

A beautiful designed headboard sprayed in white.
These designs are extruded foam a common practise
 from the 60's thru the 80's.

This final photo of a driftwood bed
is a teaser for my next post.
Stay tuned!!

Before that here are a few fun facts:

You grow 2cm during the night because your spine is compressed
 during the day and has a chance to straighten at night.

Your mattress can double in weight over 10yrs with dust built up.

The expression *sleep tight* comes from the 16th & 17th centuries
 when mattresses were placed on top of ropes that needed regular

and finally my personal favorite ....

Studies suggest that woman need up to an hour of extra sleep a
 night compared to men.

... probably because we are the ones tightening the ropes
cleaning the mattresses, and shrinking everyday because
 we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. 

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