TOURING OUR WINTER KITCHEN - wood blinds + wood stove top

Last time I was here I shared one half of our kitchen and the updates I have done this year. Since then we have both been sick and everything has been in slow motion around here. The sun has been shining and I finally got some photos taken to share the second half of the space.

Our mobile home windows are doubled up so it helps with
 heat loss but they are also aluminum framed so they transfer
 the winter cold really well. Just the other day I could see
 white frost, like what you find inside your fridge freezer, all
 around the inside of the window frame. This year I installed
a wood blind on our sink window in the hopes it would help
keep things a little warmer.

image 0 image 0 image 0

Something else I did before Christmas was to create a wood
 top for the stove. It's a small kitchen with little counter space
 and I am here to testify after just a few months this has made
 a huge difference for me. It has to be put aside each time we
 want to cook but as soon as I need that space it goes right
 back on. I use it for all sorts of projects through out the day.


The counter space beyond the stove use to be GG's
coffee station but earlier this year he gave up coffee. How
does one just give up coffee you ask? Well he had surgery in 
the spring time and one of the recommendations was to stop
drinking it during the 6 weeks of recovery. Since then the
 coffee maker has only been used once in 10 months so it lives
 in a cupboard now and we ended up with even more counter space.

BEFORE                       AFTER


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