HACKED WALL ART - recycling vintage objects

I enjoy taking unwanted and broken items
and finding a unique way to combine them
with another vintage piece to create a unique
piece of wall art for your home. Below I have
a few examples of a few of these projects.

This is a fairly common PLASTIC mirror, but when added to a vintage baby's crib headboard
it becomes an impressive piece of functional wall art. Not everyone has a vintage crib like this
one laying around but many newer ones are available for super cheap or even curbside free.
Think outside of the box with what you can do with them for your wall.

Not one, not two, but three old frames were put together to create this unique one of a kind wall
art. Each frame is a different size and when hot glued together in layers they make an outstanding
statement. This piece was finished off with some burlap, a starfish, and a beach shell.
It also hangs with a number of similar art pieces making a gallery wall.

Knowing where to find your keys especially in a hurry is a great comfort. Grabbing them from a
custom build key hanger that you made will make anyone proud. This example was put together
using an old wood cupboard door, a little thrift store brass KEYS rack, and 2 salvaged hooks.



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