I bought this pair of old bottles with the french labels
attached at a vintage market awhile ago. The seller had 
printed the labels on a home PC and glued them on the 
bottles. I love the bottles and the labels but recently
I moved them into the bathroom. The shower steam 
started to make the paper bubble and wave, looking
more shabby than chic, so I fixed them ...

To protect the labels better in the bathroom I decided to use some laminating paper.
This is an item that I always have on hand because it is so useful.

I cut a piece of the laminate a little bigger than the label, about a quarter inch.
As you can see the avery brand has nice grid lines on the back to help you cut straight lines.

I carefully pulled the original label off the bottle (above)
then removed the backing/grid paper from my cut piece of laminate.

And carefully I centered the laminate over the label and stuck them together.
Then I centered the new laminated label over the bottle and stuck it back in place.

 You could laminate right over the original label without lifting it
but for me I wanted to clean off the old glue underneath.

There is not a great deal of difference in the look but the project only takes
a few minutes to protect your personalized labels from getting damp and possibly damaged.


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