OMBRE DRESSER FOR TODDLER with tips & turquoise

Do you want to paint an Ombre dresser? Have you ever wondered why
it's called Ombre? I will help answer some of these questions and offer tips I learned while creating my Ombre dresser for a little family member.

Ombré in French translates to *shadow or shade
It is the gradual blending of one color hue to another,
usually moving tints and shades from light to dark.

It has become popular in home decorating and I think
 the painted Ombre looks really good on mid-century dressers.


Map out your colors before starting to paint.

This ombre project wasn't hard to do but I found it tricky to
 figure out where each color should start and stop. What 
I mean by that is what color goes on what divider, or should 
the drawer color go on the side panels or should it be white.
 To answer a lot of my own questions I referred to online
 photos of dressers already painted in an Ombre theme. I 
took notes of what I did and didn't like and mapped out my 
plan from there. Everyone's dresser will be different so 
starting with a plan will definitely help.

To create the different shades of color I worked with ASCP
 Florence and Pure White. The principle I worked with was
 to start at the bottom with the strongest color and work
 my way up mixing more white into the last color I used.

I made sure I had full coverage on each
drawer before changing the paint's color
to a lighter shade

Unfortunately I didn't like my color graduation. It wasn't
 strong enough through the middle of the dresser so I took
 another run at it. (see below photo)
first attempt

moved drawer 4 up one, making it drawer 3.
Took the original drawer 3 and repainted it much darker for
 the bottom spot, drawer 4. Did you follow that? 

Here is the finial look ...

As long as you have a nice paint job on the dresser's outer 
body you can repaint the drawers as much as you want and
 have fun with it, and most importantly don't be afraid.

I hope my tips can encourage you to give it a try.

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