This is a photo taken looking into my dressing room showing two stacked dressers.

I really enjoy these dressers and many have asked about them after seeing them in the
background of some recently posted photos. To get the storage I needed I stacked them. It's
 not common to find a pair of identical vintage dressers so I took advantage of the opportunity.

Here is what they looked like when I brought them home. They were a real mess.

I stripped everything off the tops to find this beautiful soft wood ...

and I didn't stop there. I stripped almost every other surface on both dressers.
I did not use chemicals on these I sanded them with power tools.


I gave both dressers a white wash and added cast iron plaques to the drawers
so that I can label the drawers using chalk.

The top drawer was too high to use as a drawer so I turned it into a hinged door.

I left a little strip of the original paint on the drawer edges cause I liked the rustic feel of it.

It has been years since I fixed these up for the dressing room and I still love them to this day.
Not fancy but super chic!

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