I have been redoing some spaces, updating décor, and just taking some time for myself.
I work very hard every day moving furniture, answering emails, staging photos, writing stories,
painting and taking care of George. That last part is a full time job on its own. With every job
there are ups and downs, good times and bad, pros and cons. Working from home has it's obvious
perks like no commute, but that commute also offers you the chance to be away from work. My work
 is always all around me, this can be troubling some times. But when I decorate and photograph my
 own home it's amazing that I can share it with so many of my readers.
I reworked this corner and we think it is perfect.
The photo below was taken before moving in.

 Check out my house tour for more dramatic before and afters inside our single wide trailer.

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