For those of you who paint ...
Hands up who puts off waxing this kind of project ????
If you look around the audience (play along) most hands are raised high, including mine.
Painting intricate wood work, turnings, and spindles is bad enough but then we have to wax them,
When we look at a project as a whole it becomes daunting and undoable, so instead of getting up and starting we flip the channel to watch another DIY show and say quietly to ourselves we could do that if we wanted to.
I break the job down in my head to manageable sections.
Start with the top and when you're finish with the top walk away and do something else.
The important part is to plan that from the beginning so your mind thinks you are finish.
Maybe a few hours later or a day or two you do it again with another section of the project.
We all excel when our goals are achieved, the smaller your goals the more often you can achieve them.
Does this sound strange or silly?
This is what I have done for years to get through complicated tasks.

I have gotten to the point where I don't need to walk away for long,
just a quick water or email break, but in my mind as each section is completed
I feel the fulfilment of being done and it's on to the next job.
And before I know it I have created another piece of beautiful furniture.



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