It may not have pretty curves or fancy carvings but it has beautiful functionality and solid
construction with great history.
I found a Vilas table put out on the road side for the garbage men to take away.
It had silver spray paint on it like it had been used as a shop table and most of the original
finish was damaged or flaking.

But it was a fabulous solid rock maple small space dining table with 2 extending leaves.
You just don't find these every day.

It was easy to sand where the finish was flaking off,
and not so easy where the silver metallic paint was.

The leaves pull out so smoothly.
After cleaning it up and sanding to bare wood it got sprayed with chalk paint.

A gentle sanding started to create a nice white wash look.

This is really a great table, I wish I had space to keep it.

Poly and wax created the softest smoothest surface.



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1 comment:

  1. What a great table, love the finish too. Just wondering what you use to spray your ASCP and does it take very long to clean out the sprayer?

    Hope your cold is a 'quick and over' cold.

    - Joy