DEAD COMPRESSOR - renate's headboard

It all started with this 70's oak headboard.

Okay maybe I jumped the gun here, I suppose it really started with a drawing of a headboard.

A drawing with custom measurements.

So back to this headboard.

Every element of it was dismantled with a robertson driver.

Considering I had received such detailed measurements I had to wait for the right piece to come along.

Many of the pieces were cut to fit the new configuration.

The face sheilds were brought together.

Priming continued.

The legs were extended 2".

Extra bits were all brought together to fill out the height requested.

Some fancy had to be added.

In the form of wall candle holders I found at the second hand store.

They originally had baskets screwed on the front for the candle to sit in.
I removed the baskets and used the holes to attached them to the new headboard.

But alas I only got the primer coat finished before my compressor kicked the bucket.

So once the new compressor gets open and the final finish is applied, this is really
all you get to see.

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