MY VERY BEST FRIEND AND THE PATIO - decorating with orange

This is Patrick, my very best friend, one of the few people who actually understands how my mind works. He challenged me to work with the color orange on the patio and it's not been so easy.

He suggested following a Morrocan theme but that's just not me, Pat.
So slowly I'm figuring out different ways to style the area.

I do have ideas to take the pattern in the pillows and stencil it onto the rug.
It will be the opposite of the pillows where the base color is taupe and the design will be orange.
If you have any suggestions regarding stenciling to a rug plz share, I'm a bit nervous.

The vintage wood stool was found at a yard sale and was a simple prime and paint job.
Both George and I really love the punch it offers.
I've also been playing with white on the floor boards but the jury is out still.

George came home with a little surprise again that I put inside my ORANGE lantern.

It helps to keep the humidity high around our new venus fly trap plant.

George deals with flowers and plants all day long running a flower delivery company
and sometimes something catches his eye and it comes home with him.

Here is another one of his surprises that I can't recall the name of right now,
but this little guy loves the deck and is flurishing out there.

One of Gramdpa's old 7-up crates standing on end and a fresh olive crate create a rustic side table.
My great Grandfather and then my mother's father owned the Port Kells gas station until the 80's.
We have always had a great source of memorablia from the store.

In the corner is a large oak cabinet we found one weekend, it has the kind of rustic beauty
that I don't think I'll ever cover with paint.

A top is a small collection of old world things we love and have found or had for some time.

I've had this cast iron lion door knocker for many years.
And here are 2 wonderful vintage wood working tools, a planer and hand drill.

I have actually used this planer a few times when working on furniture.

So, Patrick what are your thoughts?
There is still more to see as soon as I get the photos taken.

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