I WANNA BE .... - copy me challenge

This area is where I have done most of my refinishing over the last 3 years, part of my kitchen.
As some of you know from reading my house tour we live in less then 800sq.ft it's tight and most
rooms have to be duel purposed. I finally had enough of the chaos when it came to
cooking and dining and listening to George stumble down the hall to go to the
bathroom in the night.

Last Month I decided to moved a great deal of the
 house around so I could start working in the back room. One day while visiting the *MISS's blog*
I came across her grandparents desk and just adored how she had it placed. Well *my reproduction*
Miss Mustard Seed desk (last summer yard sale $15)
should have the same status in our home, after all I do love it, and now
there was an empty spot for it. But unfortunately this is the reality of our home.

The results for me and this challenge is:
I wouldn't mind being more like Miss Mustard Seed

Copy Me Challenge

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